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The Additional Cost of Building to the Passive House Standard

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Public information about the additional cost of building a passive house was limited when we started planning in early 2020. Some industry insiders were offering a rough guide of 15% above the cost of building a BASIX/NatHERS house. We were able to get quotes for passive house consultancy, windows, the HRVS and the passive house certifier, however we could not gauge the cost of materials and labour to achieve airtightness, the thermal bridge-free timber frame, junctions and concrete slab insulation etc.

Here is a table to give you an idea of the costs involved for us to build to the passive house standard. Bear in mind that these prices are from late 2020. Because I am trying to show the additional cost to build to the PH standard, it would probably make sense to reduce the cost of the glazing by an estimate of the most basic standard of glazing. I believe that basic single pane glass and aluminium frame is approximately $350.00/m2, which would amount to $21,700. I am happy to be corrected on this. In my mind, it started to look like an upgrade to passive house or a backyard swimming pool.

Passive House Item

Cost (October 2020)


Window installation



Ducted dehumidifier supply and installation


Continuous airtight membrane supply and installation


0.6ACH guarantee


Passive house design and certification professional fees




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